All our trips are based on our Three Pillar Philosophy to facilitate your transformational wilderness experience


Nature Connection

Our horses are wilderness facilitators, allowing you to tune into your environment. But it’s not just our horses. The energy of the South Chilcotin Mountains will rejuvenate your heart, mind and spirit


Conservation and Stewardship

When you love a place you want to protect it, that’s why we educate you on this environment and get you involved in hands-on conservation projects


Personal Development

Every trip with us is an opportunity to learn something new. Whether you saddle your own horse, challenge yourself to get out your comfort zone or share your skills with someone else, you’ll end your time with us feeling empowered and confident

Get involved!

Every trip with us is an opportunity to experience each of these Three Pillars. How you do it is up to you – join us for a horse pack trip, mountain biking trip or winter adventure.



Your trip will be a hands-on learning experience from start to finish. Here are just some of the ways you can experience a transformation:

  • Learn how to saddle your own horse, making you independent and empowered
  • Take a packing lesson and help your guides secure your food and gear on your pack horse
  • Refine your fire-making skills to cook dinner over a campfire
  • Learn how to stake and hobble your horses in their grazing meadows
  • Reflect on your journey with our Wilderness Journal to track your transformation
  • Learn about native and invasive plants to play your part in invasive species removal
  • Identify the mountains and lakes of the South Chilcotins to deepen your connection
  • Contribute your positive attitude and problem-solving skills to our community
  • Learn about the wildlife of the South Chilcotin Mountains and sustainable methods of sharing their habitat
  • Share your knowledge with others to become a mentor yourself
Pack Trips Chilcotin Mountains

Become part of our community!

Whether you stay with us for one day, one week or longer, there are countless ways you’ll become part of our ranch community

– Enjoy family-style meals three times a day

– Work as a team to saddle and feed your horses

– Share your successes and what you are appreciative for each day

– Learn new skills and share your knowledge


Find out more about us at our community website, Trails to Empowerment

Our Partners

Our online training partner, Wilderness Training Academy, offers students courses in our Three Pillars of Personal Development, Nature Connection and Nature Conservation. Before completing a guide school or internship with us, you will complete an online course with WTA to get ready for your experience. 

Our community partner, Trails to Empowerent, shares our philosophy through the media of blogs, podcasts, videos and music. TTE is the facilitator of our internships. You can find more information about internship opportunities on their website and start the application process there.

Our conservation partner, Chilcotin Ark Institute, carries out conservation and stewardship research in the Chilcotin Ark and through participatory action research uses this data to influence wildlife management and land use strategies. CAI offers a conservation and stewardship internship.

Our woodlot partner, Community Mill, manages their small scale woodlot and community forest for wildlife habitat, carbon storage and producing value-added products. Select logging and horse logging reduces the impact of logging. Only 1% of the total tree volume is harvested which allows 99% of the forest to continue storing and sequestering carbon. This makes the forest carbon negative.

3 Steps to your unforgettable adventure

Talk with one of our mentor guides

You'll discuss the details & goals of your adventure

enjoy your wilderness adventure with us!

Leave the chaos of city life behind as you reconnect with nature and yourself

We offset guests' flight carbon production by investing in sustainable community forest management

5% of each trip supports conservation efforts in the Chilcotin Ark

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5 Benefits of Nature that You Need now!

1. Reduces stress
2. Improves memory
3. Fights mental fatigue
4. Boosts creativity
5. Builds relationships
5 Benefits of Nature