Bushcraft and Survival


Throughout the Bushcraft and Survival Course, you’ll learn essential bushcraft skills that will bring you back to nature. This wilderness course trains you to work with nature instead of against it, allowing you to journey through new environments with a greater degree of confidence and comfort. As your experienced bushcraft instructor teaches you vital bushcraft skills through demonstrations, hands-on training, and real-life scenarios, you’ll hone your skills to a degree that far surpasses the superficial knowledge of most bushcraft courses. By immersing you in a wilderness setting as you learn, our wilderness bushcraft course provides a deeper level of training that allows you to fully appreciate and utilize the rich resources nature provides. The unexpected challenge nature provides will allow you to practice being flexible and adaptable, taking responsibility and finding novel ways to solve problems with limited resources, all while maintaining a positive attitude.

our bushcraft and survival training

Get ready to become one with nature. In the Bushcraft and Survival Course, you’ll learn bushcraft skills that empower you to see the wilderness with new eyes. As you discover how to use the resources that nature provides, everything around you becomes a useful, life-giving material. Throughout this wilderness bushcraft course, you’ll train in the mountainous wilderness of British Columbia. You will learn valuable skills and take on new challenges, like identifying medicinal plant species and building a bushcraft shelter. After completing this training program, you’ll be armed with the bushcraft skills, working knowledge and solution-orientated mindset to experience nature in a more authentic way, along with the confidence to embark on your own wilderness adventures.

Skills covered in the Bushcraft and Survival Course include:

  • Navigation in the wilderness
  • Procuring food in remote wilderness
  • Construction of a bushcraft shelter
  • Essential bushcraft skills: Making cordage (natural twine), using fire to carve wood, cooking in the wild with stone boiling and rock ovens
  • Fire-building techniques, including construction of your own bow-drill fire starting set
  • Tracking and trapping game
  • Identification of plant species
  • Utilizing beneficial properties of plants and trees
  • Safe and effective knife and axe use
  • Wildlife behaviour
  • Other useful tips and tricks, like how to improve night vision

The confidence to embark on your own wilderness bushcraft experience

The Bushcraft and Survival Course is set in the challenging and rugged terrain of the South Chilcotin Mountains in British Columbia. This majestic setting alone provides enough inspiration to expand your vision and horizons in life. In this wilderness bushcraft course, however, we incorporate new challenges for you to tackle each and every day. The bushcraft skills that you learn and master throughout the course are a means of building greater confidence as you become more accustomed to operating outside of your comfort zone. When nature creates unexpected challenges for us, our problem-solving skills and ability to be flexible and adaptable are called into play. This means you’ll leave with the competence and confidence to embark on your own life-changing wilderness experiences.

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