Horse Logging Class


Horse logging is a rare skill in today’s world – one that reminisces of the days of pioneers and mountain explorers. And while driving horses instead of driving heavy machinery may be old-fashioned, logging with horses provides a responsible, effective method for woodlot management. In our horse logging course, we provide you with the practical skills and confidence that you’ll need to use this tried-and-true technique to selectively harvest trees. Our experienced instructors will train you in the physical skills and mental awareness that are imperative to successful horse logging.

Throughout our horse logging course, we also share best practices for management and planning – two things that form the foundation for successful, sustainable horse logging. With this knowledge, you can create a comprehensive, long-term woodlot management plan that promotes the health of the forest and establishes a sustainable, steady stream of income.

our HORSE LOGGING training

Throughout our wilderness horse logging course, you’ll learn how to selectively harvest trees without the use of heavy machinery as we train you in crucial horse logging skills. These include driving horses and all facets of woodlot management, including government regulations, licences, and sustainable land management. If you own your own woodlot, are seeking a new career path, or simply want to learn more about restorative forestry, our horse logging course will provide you with the practical skills and fundamental knowledge that you need.

Horse logging is different from any other kind of logging. It naturally lends itself to sustainable forestry practices and woodlot management. The physical impact that logging with horses has on the environment is minimally disruptive. The horse’s feet do not damage the forest soil and root systems in the way that rubber tires and heavy machinery do. The compact size of horses compared to heavy machinery prevents collateral damage to surrounding trees, even as you’re driving horses through dense forests. Throughout our horse logging class, we focus on the skillful application of proven techniques so you can make the most of the unique environmental benefits that accompany logging with horses. Our horse logging course trains you in the following skills:

  • Crucial horse-handling skills, including shoeing horses
  • How to harness both a single horse and a team of horses
  • Safe and effective techniques for driving horses with long reins
  • How to correctly set up and use all necessary horse logging gear
  • Nature Connection, Conservation and Stewardship and Personal Development
  • Responsibility, initiative, contribution, connection and positivity

We also include a comprehensive education in woodlot management and restorative forestry practices:

  • Explanation of government regulations and licences
  • How to adhere to requirements on national, provincial and local levels
  • How to promote the health of forests and your woodlot by identifying and removing diseased trees
  • How to create long-term goals that will promote the health of forests and provide steady, sustainable income for years to come

Real World Experience

During our horse logging course, you’ll have the opportunity to observe what woodlot management looks like on an active, sustainably managed parcel of Crown Land. As part of British Columbia’s approach to forest management, we are responsible for the care and sustainable use of specific forestry woodlots within our operating territory. Observing firsthand what holding a Woodlot Licence entails is an invaluable opportunity. We couple this learning experience with the real-world application of horse logging on our woodlot. Both of these learning tools powerfully prepare graduates of our horse logging class to pursue and reach their own goals in forestry and woodlot management.

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