Log Cabin Building Class

Unique Skills

The process of building a log cabin with your own two hands is incredibly fulfilling. And for many, building a wilderness cabin is a dream come true. At the outset, however, it can feel daunting. That’s why we’ve developed a log cabin building course that simplifies the process through the use of efficient and practical techniques. These methods require less equipment and materials than traditional methods of building a log cabin. And with experienced instructors to train you throughout the course, the answer to how to build a log cabin from scratch will suddenly become simple and attainable.

While many people want to learn how to build a log cabin, few have the time to acquire the skills and knowledge that are necessary for doing so. That’s where we come in. Our comprehensive, log cabin building class in BC only takes one week. And, in that time frame, we educate you in vital knowledge for building a log cabin and provide extensive hands-on training.

As you learn how to build a Canadian log cabin, we maintain a strict adherence to proven safety protocols. From protective clothing to proper use of power saws, our procedures will keep you safe during our log cabin building course and after, as you begin building a log cabin of your own.

our log cabin building training

Once you learn how to build a log cabin, you can turn your dream of building a wilderness cabin into a reality. Throughout our log cabin building course, our experienced instructors train you in the fundamental skills and practical knowledge that are crucial for building a log cabin. Our course takes you through each and every step of the construction process, from material selection to finishing the roof. We provide hands-on training and ample opportunities to hone your newly acquired construction skills. Our Three Pillar Philosophy brings personal development to the heart of everything we do. You will be empowered to learn and share new skills. At the end of our log cabin building course, you’ll walk away with the confidence and competence to build your own dream log cabin.

During our log cabin building course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan and design a log cabin
  • Use a chainsaw, with an emphasis on safety and proper maintenance
  • Work with hand tools required for building a log cabin
  • Prepare the site for log cabin construction
  • Build a solid, long-lasting foundation
  • Select high quality logs for your cabin
  • Lift logs into place, using various techniques that don’t require massive strength
  • Construct bear-proof walls
  • Build a roof that can support the weight of snow
  • Nature Connection, Conservation and Stewardship and Personal Development
  • Responsibility, initiative, contribution and positivity


For those who dream of building a log cabin, the wilderness surrounding our ranch provides an optimal learning environment. You’ll learn how to address unexpected challenges that are common to every project in the wilderness, which will better equip you for building a log cabin of your own. Instruction and hands-on training take place in the woods surrounding our ranch or in one of our 25 mountain camps.

Students in our log cabin building course also benefit from the training grounds and sustainably accessed resources that our Woodlot Licence provides. As you learn how to build a log cabin, it’s vitally important that you understand the preparation that goes into building a log cabin. Acquiring sustainably harvested logs for our cabins uniquely positions our instructors to share best practices for woodlot management plans and sustainable, selective harvesting of logs. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of responsible woodlot management and low-impact wilderness construction as you work within government guidelines.

After completing our log cabin building class, you won’t just know how to build a log cabin from scratch. You’ll understand how to build your dream home in a sustainable way that meets government regulations for responsible land management. Working to the principles of our Three Pillar philosophy teaches you empowerment, positivity, contribution, connection, responsibility and initiative, skills that will allow you to face and overcome every physical, mental and emotional challenge building a log cabin in the wilderness provides. No previous construction or carpentry experience is necessary.

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