Are you looking for a photography experience that allows you to disconnect from city life and reconnect to nature?


Our range of photography experiences allows you to find the photography material and level of challenge that is right for you. You have the opportunity to develop your photography skills, practice existing skills and capture new content, right at our rustic guest ranch, travelling through the mountains on horseback or visiting local historic sites. Our photography trip gives you the opportunity to capture iconic Canadian scenery and wildlife such as mountain panoramas, grizzly bears and historic mining towns.

  • Explore a photographer’s paradise, with endless wilderness and striking scenery
  • Develop your skills and bring your photography to the next level, working with the seasons, traditional lifestyles and challenging terrain
  • Step outside your routine with new challenges and photography experiences
  • Recharge and refocus in nature, away from daily distractions
  • Reconnect with nature and yourself in a powerful way, while capturing wilderness photographs
  • Participate in and learn about meaningful conservation projects
  • Join us for a ranch or camp based photography trip

Your photography experience options

Do you want to photograph BC’s wildlife and wildflowers or are you interested in Western ranching and historic locations? Take a look at all of our photography trip options to find the one that’s right for you.

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Leave the chaos of city life behind as you reconnect with nature and yourself

We offset guests' flight carbon production by investing in sustainable community forest management

5% of each trip supports conservation efforts in the Chilcotin Ark

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5 Benefits of Nature that You Need now!

1. Reduces stress
2. Improves memory
3. Fights mental fatigue
4. Boosts creativity
5. Builds relationships
5 Benefits of Nature