sturgeon fishing in BC

Sturgeon fishing in BC is a great cultural experience to complement your wilderness adventure before or after a trip with Wilderness Trails

Sturgeon fishing in BC provides AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE fishing these dinosaur-like animals, rich in learning opportunities

A unique BC cultural experience is white sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River. These dinosaur-like fish can grow up to twenty feet long, weigh up to 1300 pounds and live for more than 150 years! Because sturgeon are an endangered species, they cannot be harvested meaning all fishing is catch and release with local guides.          

These huge fish are often fished from boats, guides will take you to the prime spots and you’ll need a team with you to reel them in. Refine your fishing technique or learn some new skills as you head out onto the river for a different kind of nature connection.

Fishing these dinosaurs is an ideal opportunity to learn about their conservation and contribute to it by becoming educated on the threats to this species and what you can do to help.

Sturgeon fishing is the perfect compliment to your journey with Wilderness Trails and makes a great additional experience, either before or after your time with us. The Fraser River is easily accessible on your drive to or from Vancouver, or along the way if you are travelling further north. 

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Contact us for a list of companies offering sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River. 

We can organize a guided trip to local sturgeon fishing companies for small groups, contact us for more information.

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